Genius Physiotraining

40 min. equipment and free exercises, also for companies, min. 4 participants

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Follow-Up Short Training

Directly after your treatment we offer you an individual short training on our equipment.

KGG 1:3 support

(+ Recipe, Checkout + Private)
Equipment-supported physiotherapy

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55 min. training for pelvic floor regression

Please ask for the current course times.

10er ticket € 150,- (€ 15,- per hour)

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The group training (4-5 people) we try to adapt to your individual needs.
to coordinate your needs. Please contact us for the individual group times.

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Time for me

Each of the following treatments takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. You can leave everyday life behind you in a beautiful ambience...e.g. a massage of the reflex zones stimulates metabolic processes in the entire body.

Massage (with heat)

Hot Stone Massage

Cranio Sacral Method

Foot reflexology treatment

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