Information on general hygiene measures and treatment appointments

Dear patients!

  • We are open for you. We are allowed to perform all treatments prescribed by a doctor. We care v.a. our acute – patients
  • Please wear a FFP2 mask when entering the practice and during treatments . Of course, we also wear a FFP2 mask during every treatment in the practice
  • Should you have cold, flu-like symptoms or even a fever, we ask that you do not enter the office. not to enter.
  • Talk to your primary care physician about this.
  • Please cough or sneeze into the crook of your crook of her arm.
  • Keep a speaking distance of 1.5 m
  • Good hand washing/hygiene with soap helps.
  • When you come in, feel free to use our Hand sanitizer
  • Help us and yourself with these basic measures to slow the epidemic
  • Please understand that we will refrain from shaking hands in greeting
  • For the latest info. around Covid19. You on the government page of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)

Stay healthy!

Your practice team, A. Schümann       Tel: Practice: 881 67 887

(As of 04/06/2021)

Useful Addresses:                                                                        

Corona Virus Hotline Hamburg
040/ 428 284 000

Federal Center for Health Education        
Maarweg 149-161
50825 Cologne

Tel: 0221  8992-0
Fax: 0221  8992-300  

E-mail: poststelle(at) (for Inquiries, messages)

Golfer´s fitness

In order to be able to take better care of patients who play golf, I have completed the additional training as a golf physio trainer. This enables me to offer you golf specific sport physiotherapy in practice with immediate effect. Groups and individual training possible.


Warming techniques not only for the in a hurry seniors. Targeted muscle building training for back, shoulder, Neck, stomach. Golf specific findings to the training tuning with her Pro.


practicing of golf specific Movement sequences after various operations, (e.g. hip or knee) joint replacement) training of relief exercises. 

Pain Management

Treatments from the classical physiotherapy to eliminate pain from golf specific injuries, or also tournament preparation with e.g. Kinesiotaping

Training Groups

The training (mini groups of 6-8 people) we try to adapt to their individual needs. Please contact us for the individual group times.

Preventive Genius Back Training

Pelvic floor training

Equipment training

Golfer´s Fitness

Time for me

Take your time. Each of the following treatments takes place in a relaxed atmosphere.
You can leave everyday life behind you in a beautiful ambience.

Massage (with heat)

Hot Stone Massage

Cranio Sacral Method

Foot reflexology treatment

Back Fit